Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Time To Love And Place To Forget

It's just not the case anymore to say i still love you, i miss you or even i need you. It's been years now and naturally i think of you, of us. The laughter and the very few battles, i wonder where are you now and if i contact you? will you respond, but, i don't want to contact you. Not anymore. I want to feel the same about you then and there, a place in which i was so infatuated and fascinated about you. One look made me shiver, i miss that emotion now that power you had over me and that i was willing to give you for i was in love and i know you were too. But now as i am older and perhaps wiser i know now that i don't love you as I've moved on and so have you, but i miss the time that i did and the place we were. We'll never have that again, and those times, places, tears and joys are fading. Which makes me sad but we are alive and are not static beings held to the past. So when i am back walking the Sydney streets that you and i used to roam about, i will think of you and of us and a time and a place.

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