Sunday, August 16, 2009

If You Would Understand


Letters We Never SentI have no idea why i'm in love with you. When ever i'm around you all of my worries go away.

We started out as friends in Elementry school, by the time we got to Jr. High, i was in love with you. i stood up for you when everyone picked on you.

when you went to a different school the following year i was... shattered. i felt so alone. i tried loving some one else, but when you found out that i was goning out with him you told me to break up with him. because i trust you, i did. i felt alone all over agian. the year after i found another guy, but i still tought about you. alot.

when i saw the girls that you were going out with, i lost all the curage that i had built up to ask you out. how skinny they were, how they dressed . it all said to me that i'm nowhere near what you want in a girl friend.

i tried to forget you. but everything reminds me of you. we're both in the same High school this year. i'm scared that if i look you in the eye i will fall in love with you all over agian. i don't wan't to be broken again. i'm so sorry i'm an embarassment to you. i love you for who you are! i would send you this letter, but i know you would just throw it in the trash without reading it. i know i can't make you fall in love with me, but i wish you would understand how i feel. part of my heart will always belong to you.



Sunday, August 9, 2009

How Much I Love You

Letters We Never SentI always wanted to tell you how much I love you,but never got the chance to so I just wanted you to know that I love you with all my heart and i hope you feel the same about me.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Heart Is Broken

Letters We Never SentMy heart is broken. That is such a cliche to say that but it is. I have never loved anyone like I love you.

My heart is yearning for you, for some recognition, for just a glimpse that you still love me that i havn't ruined things forever, that we can get back what we had. Love me, Love me, Love me. If I wish it deeply enough will it come true again. You said for as long as I wanted you you would love me, you said you couldn't say it enough but in the space of an afternoon you lost it. So was it even love? Did you know me? Did you really know me until that day?

I keep thinking about your eyes, how they used to look at me, how I could hardly look you back at it was too much, your eyes were amazing. I think about how you came up and hugged me in the kitchen, you were so strong and I was so weak. How when I kissed you I felt complete.

Im so angry with you, for not being able to understand, for making me wait, for not seeming to care anymore. Today I couldnt stop crying. This feeling that I have lost you is too overwhelming, I want to run from it, hide from it but I cant.

When I wake for a second, everything is Ok, I still have you and then after that second I know the truth again, that I let you down, that I let myself down and it hurts too much. I cant stand it.

I wonder if you will ever read this and if you do that you will know that it is me, that what we had was amazing, that for a while it was real. I thought I had found my soulmate in you, a poetic soul I could relate to on every level but it was a dillusion. I thought I dreamt you in to my life, I wanted you so much before I met you and now I have lost you. Everything is empty without you, you bought light in to everything in my life and now its dark and i am lost.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Am So In Love With You


Letters We Never SentThings have changed with us but my feeling haven't I know I wasn't supposed to fall for you but I did I can't change my feeling because there real. When I see you walking on the street even though we say hi I am going crazy inside wanting to run up to you and kiss you & hug you I love the way you walk, the way your body is built omg turns me on the time we spent together was amazing, you felt so good. I always have a bit of hope that we can be together, we have been so honest with each other about many things including our past. I truly believe that if we ever become a couple it would be an amazing time for both of us. I truly meant it to you when I said I LOVE YOU.....