Friday, November 23, 2007

An End And A Beginning...

Dear John,

I just wanted to write you my last and final letter. I just wanted you to know what you did to my heat and my soul. You took my spirit and you broke it. You shattered my faith in people. I loved you with all my heart and I gave you every last ounce of me. Unfortunately, you took advantage of the person that I am. I had it perfect in my eyes for 3 years with you.

The night that I came home (July 26th) and you said it was over and you did not want me anymore I stopped wanting to live. My ambition was gone, my smiles were turned upside down, my future went dark. I spend these days trying to rebuild myself to the strong woman that I know I am.

When you called me today to wish me a happy thanksgiving could you tell that I was in tears? Did you know that I just wanted to skip this holiday? Do you know, do you really know what you did to me? Do you know what you keep doing to me?

Damn John, You broke me and I am trying to fix myself. They say time eases all pain. Does it really? I continue to cry everyday. When will I be content enough to stop crying? When will I be out of tears?

Please, the next time you pick up the phone to call me... don't. When you see the snow fly I hope you remember me always saying "Kiss me in the Snow" When you see a goose I hope you think of Henry. When you see a deer I hope you think of owen, jane and zak. When you see a volkswagen I hope you think of me...

You did have me at Hello and then crushed me at goodbye. Remember the days and nights at the cabin? Remember singing to me how you will always love me? Remember the hugs and the kisses? Remember "I'll find you?" I ask God everyday what I did to deserve this. I continue to ask Why me?. What now? If this is some sort of test when do I find out if I passed? I am just so damn torn up inside. I can't erase your memory. Maybe i just don't want to. I know I can never go back to where we were. i cannot let myself destruct like that anymore.

You tell everyone what a good woman I was and how great I treated you but you still chose to end it. Are you that selfish? You ended a 3 1/2 year relationship and put me and my 2 kids out. That sickens me. And to think here I am ready to give you another chance. I guess I am the stupid one. I need to put away my rose colored glasses. This is my final letter to you... my last goodbye. I need to start over and today is the day that I will begin again.


Monday, November 19, 2007

How To Submit Your Letter To "Letters Never Sent"

Did you ever want to say something to that special person write a letter and just not have the courage to send it? Ever want to express yourself, something intensely personal, and just not have anyone you know read it? Love, hate, laughter, tears, sadness and happiness are all emotions we experience. Loving someone from afar and not able to express it? Hate your boss and just want to get it off your chest? Sad by what your significant other said or did, and just need to write it down? Something critical or drastic happen in your life, and you really need to express it anonymously?

What & Why Of "Letters Never Sent"?

"Letters Never Sent" is here to help you express your emotions in your own way and with your own words without having to tell anyone who you are.

Letters Never Sent is about self-expression. Whatever emotion you feel,love, sadness, happiness, hope, hate, dark or simple - Letters Never Sent wants your letters. Make sure you read the Legal Notice at the bottom before sending in your letter!

You may submit your letter in email (please paste in the body of the email - no attachments for text).

For now the only limitation is that your letter must be written in English.

The letters posted will not have identifying characteristics (email address or last names etc.). "Letters Never Sent" will not publish any identities. Just what is in your letter.

All letters are posted anonymously. The only thing that is posted is your Letter. No names, no addresses or email addresses are attached to it. So make sure whatever you want to express is in your Letter.

Here is how it works (using 2 ways):

1. Send all your submissions to Letters Never Sent to the email address:

Please send only one Letter per email.

All Letters are posted Anonymously. - The ONLY thing that is posted is your Letter. No names, no email addresses.

2. Click Here To Access The On-Line Form To Submit Your Letter Never Sent To Letters We Never Sent NOW!

Letters Never Sent is not affiliated with any political, religious, or social movement. It is open to people all around the world no matter what race, religion or creed.


Legal Information & Notice

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